Team Alberta selection criteria for 2019 Western Canadian Team Championships



Participation in the Western Canadian Team Championships is important for Badminton Alberta for the following reasons:

  1. It provides a benchmark to compare the level of junior development in Alberta with that of Western Canada.
  2. It is an excellent development experience for athletes and coaches in a team environment.
  3. It offers a development oppotunity for these athletes engaged in the National Podium Pathway stream.

Badminton British Columbia will serve as the host province, with the WCTC slated to take place in Vancouver, BC on the weekend of April 26-28, 2019. Competition will begin Friday at 12 noon, with the finals scheduled for Sunday at 10am. Particpant dinner scheduled for Saturday evening at the venue.


The Western Canadian Team Championships format of play involves team matches versus other competing provinces (Under 15 – born in 2005 or later and Under 17 – born 2003 or later and U19 born 2001 or later). Each match tie will consist of 1 Boys singles, 1 Girls singles, 1 Boys doubles, 1 Girls doubles and 1 Mixed doubles in all age categories. Awards will be presented in each of the u15/17/19 events as follows:

  • u15 Winner awarded the Dawson Cup
  • u17 Winner awarded the Paulson Cup
  • u19 Winner awarded the Clarkson Cup


Performance Objectives:

Team Event – Win gold in all three age categories.


Team Size:

Badminton Alberta will invite a minimum team size of 4 athletes 2 male/2 female per age category, to maximum team size of 6 athletes – 3 male/3 female per age category and a minimum of one coach per team.

Team size to be determined by Badminton Alberta and need not be the same for each age category or gender. Parents or other individuals wishing attend the event, may do so at their own expense.


Selection Process:

Badminton Alberta will base selection on athlete participation and results within the events listed below. Qualification will be based on performance in singles, doubles and mixed doubles, utilizing results from the player’s best 2 of 3 disciplines from 3 of the following events.

  1. Derrick Club Junior U11/13/15: October 12-14, 2018
  2. Royal Glenora Club Junior U17/19:  October 12-14 2018
  3. Calgary Winter Club Junior U13/15, December 7-9, 2018
  4. Glencoe Club Junior U 11/17/19:  December 7-9 2018
  5. Gao Badminton - Smashcity Junior U11/13/15/17/19:  January 25-27 2019
  6. B-Active Junior U11/13/15/17/19:  February 22-24 2019


  • Under 15 (Born 2005 or later)
  • Under 17 (Born 2003 or later)
  • Under 19 (Born 2001 or later)


Athletes may only qualify in their chronological age group.  Should athletes choose to participate in older age groups, in any of the previous named events, THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY QUALIFYING POINTS ACRUED IN THAT AGE CATEGORY.

  • Event Winner 2000
  • Event Runner Up 1700
  • Event semifinalist 1350
  • Event quarterfinalists 1000

Please note: the above points table will be only be used for team selection and not for ongoing ranking points.

In the event of a points tie, the athlete with the higher points in singles will first determine selection. If a tie still exists, the higher points total in doubles will then break the tie. If a tie still exists the higher points total in mixed doubles will then break the tie. If a tie still exists then, the Coaches and Competitions committee will have final discretion over selection. Badminton Alberta will tabulate points and recommend the team to be approved by the Badminton Alberta Board of Directors by March 28/2019.Team announcement will follow by March 29/2019.

Athlete Eligibility:

Athletes must be members in good standing of Badminton Alberta. Athletes who have represented Canada at major international games (Olympic, Commonwealth, Pan American Senior Championships, Sudirman Cup, World Championships and World Junior Championships) shall be ineligible as per Western Canadian Team Championships regulations.


Athlete Entry:

Badminton Alberta reserves the right to modify athlete pairings in doubles/mixed doubles matches, or create new pairings as required to create the best possible performances for the Western Canadian Team Championships. Athletes will be charged $375.00 with Badminton Alberta providing transportation expense, hotel accommodation, team uniform and entry fee.


Conditions of Participation:

Prior to final team selection, athletes must abide by the following regulations:

1. Official selection to the team is through written personal correspondence from Badminton Alberta all verbal discussion of team selection is unofficial.

2. Athletes must be members in good standing with Badminton Alberta.

3. Athletes must have paid all outstanding invoices to Badminton Alberta at least 30 days prior to departure.

4. Athletes must have signed the Badminton Alberta Confirmation of Participation Form and Team Alberta Waiver and Disclosure Form at least 15 days prior to the event.

5. Athletes must meet all eligibility requirements for team participation under the Canadian Western Team Championships Regulations.

6. Athletes must agree to participate in any Badminton Alberta designated camps related to this event. Failure to comply will lead to removal from the team.


Appeal Procedure:

Athletes wishing to appeal decisions regarding team selection must follow the Badminton Alberta Appeal Procedure. Copies of the Appeal Procedure can be obtained through request to the Badminton Alberta Office, or by downloading from the Badminton Alberta website ( Appeals must be received at the Badminton Alberta office by April 4th 2019.

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