Junior Player A definition will be enforced for Stettler Junior B

Following concerns from parents and coaches regarding the AJS - Edison Junior B, the association will be strictly enforcing the 'Junior A player definition' rules for the upcoming AJS - Stettler Junior B. 

The Badminton Alberta Junior A rankings have been recalculated effective today (January 23) removing all overage athletes from each of the categories. Please review the Alberta Junior A rankings, any athlete that does not meet the eligibility will be ineligible to compete at Stettler this weekend.

The ineligible athlete will receive an email notifying them of the situation and their tournament entry will be denied, and entry fee refunded. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 403.297-2722.

Junior A player defintion

(Posted Fall 2012)


An athlete is defined as a Junior A player if they meet any of the below conditions:

·        Have achieved an average points total of 1200 points or greater in singles as based on Badminton Alberta’s Junior A rankings.

·        Have achieved an average points total of 1400 points or greater in doubles or mixed doubles as based on Badminton Alberta’s Junior A rankings.

What does being defined as a Junior A Player mean?

·        Players may not enter Alberta Junior Series (AJS) tournaments (in any age category).

·        Players may compete in Alberta Junior Circuit (AJC) tournaments or Yonex Alberta Series (YAS) tournaments.

What happens at the beginning of the season if a player moves up an age category?

·        When a player moves up an age category their points for Jr A classification will be based on 70% of their average point total of their points at the end of the season in the younger age category. If their points average is greater than 1200 in singles or greater than 1400 in doubles or mixed they will be classified as an A player.

Can a player’s classification change throughout the season?

·        Yes, depending upon results attained in AJC competitions.

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