Canada renowned for coaching education

NCCP LogoCanada’s National Coaching Certification Program is respected around the world as one of the most effective coaching education programs available today. It’s for coaches like you to learn more about coaching, up-to-date skill techniques, teaching methods, training tips and more.

The NCCP’s five-level certification program has both sport-specific and general components. The first three levels are for coaches of developing athletes. Levels 4 and 5 are or coaches of national and international athletes.


There are three parts to each level:

  1. Technical - the special knowledge related to your sport.
  2. Theory - the topics common to all sports, like leadership, psyching, parents and planning.
  3. Practical - the time you spend with your athletes, using the knowledge you have gained in Technical and Theory. In some sports, Practical also includes feedback on your coaching.

When you have completed all three parts of any level, you earn a certificate - great for a resume, essential for a professional.


Designed by the best coaches in each sport and the best researchers, who are also coaches, the program condenses their years of experience. Level Technical and Theory courses last one or two days on average. The length of Level 1 Practical depends on your particular sport.


Taught by experienced coaches with special training, NCCP courses give you the opportunity to learn new things, and to share problems, solutions and experiences with other coaches. But the greatest advantage is to your athletes, who profit from your increased expertise.