BWF Competition Regulations - Approved 21 May 2010



BWF Memorandum
Competition Regulations
Friday  19 June 2010
Dear Member Associations and Continental Confederations
Please be advised that amendments to the BWF Laws of Badminton approved on BWF AGM on 15 May 2010 and General  Competition Regulations approved at BWF Council meeting on 21 May 2010 have been uploaded onto the BWF website.
 Whilst there are many minor changes to the Competition Regulations, it is important to highlight some of the key changes.
1.    Super Series Premier – Introduction of Super Series Premier tournaments from 2011
2.    Sanction Policy – During the Olypmpic Qualification PeriodContinental Confederations Level 4 tournaments starting after 1 September 2011 onwards till 30th April 2012 tournaments sanction must be obtained by 30th April 2011.
3.    Sudirman Cup  Regulations –  It was agreed that they will be no play- offs for the top 12 teams in Group A  while play offs will continue in the lower groups
4.    Olympic Games Regulations :  (Subject to approval by the IOC). 
5.    General Competition Regulations
o   GCR Appendix 6 : World Ranking – Introduction of Super Series Master World Ranking points
o   GCR Regulation 13.3  - It was agreed that the number of qualifiers in Level 4 shall be 1 qualifier for every 4 entries in the main draw.
o   GCR Regulations 20.5. Colour of Players Clothing: It was agreed thatMAs need not register their colours for the individual championships as this is impracticable but should do so for the team championships. When opposing players are required to have different clothing the choice of colour shall rest with the higher ranked player.
o   GCR Regulation 25.1.3 -  Fines for large number of withdrawal from one member association in a tournament :It was agreed  that a fine USD 5000 for bulk withdrawal shall be imposed and the  offence shall be in addition to the normal fine applicable for the withdrawal.
o   GCR Regualtions 32.2Penalties: It was agreed  for continental level tournaments the penalties for withdrawals from tournaments in GCR shall be 50% of the penalties specified in GCR 32.2.
  1. Other elements relevant to the CRs
On other elements related to the Competition Regulations on Penalties, the implementation of fines for  players who have received yellow and red cards in the first quarter of 2010 in BWF sanctioned tournaments, as agreed by Council in November 2009,  is in progress.  Please see details below:
General Competition Regulations 31 Penalties states:
3.1.1 Any player/pair, coach or team  official, tournament organizer who commits an offence as shown in regulation 31.2 shall be levied with a penalty as stated in the Table of Offences and Penalties – Appendix 11).
A yellow card in any BWF sanctioned tournament will be liable to a fine US$500 on the receipt of the THIRD yellow card.
A red card in any BWF sanctioned tournament will be liable to a fine of US$500 (for level 1 to 3 tournaments).
Please note Regulation 31.7 that the Member Association should settle the withdrawal fee or penalty imposed within 60 days of the original invoice, otherwise the Member Association concerned shall be barred from entering any player in all BWF sanctioned tournaments.
Regulation 31.8 allows the Member Association to appeal against the imposition of this penalty.  The appeal should be made within four weeks to the Disciplinary Committee of the BWF who will review all available information and make a final determination. Where the Disciplinary Committeen is satisfied that the offence causing the penalty was outside the control of the player/pair due to force majeure or for any other reason beyond the control of the player, the penalty may be waived.
Please note that Member Associations are responsible for reviewing the changes on the BWF website and implementing the changes as approved by the BWF Council in November 2009 and May 2010.
Please contact Darren Parks on  or Venu Mahalingam if you have any questions on the matter.
Kind Regards
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