2016-17 Active Membership ID numbers

Please find membership ID numbers for all active members of Badminton Alberta for 2016-17 season. These numbers must be used when registering on-line.
If your name does not appear in the list below, please call Badminton Alberta at 403.297-2722 and a BA# can be issued to you immediately or email your name, address, DOB and contact number to: members@badmintonalberta.ca and a BA# will be sent to you via email.


Name ID Number Club
ABAJIAN, Noah AB05360 Winter Club
ABAJAIN, Yannik AB20742 Winter Club
ABEY, Chris AB10083 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
ABMA, Marya AB20599 Kings University
AGOT, Janelle AB20559 Michael Youth badminton Club
AIKENHEAD, Melanie AB08439 Sunridge Badminton Centre
AKIN-MULROONEY, Jonathan AB04770 Clearone Calgary
ANDERSSON, Catherine AB20650 Winter Club
ANGELES, Anton AB20739 Badminton Academy
ANTAL, Zane AB20623 Edison Badminton Centre
APPAVE, Nathan AB20369 Sunridge Badminton Centre
ASHENHURST, Christine AB01327 Glencoe Club
ASHENHURST, Edward AB01753 Glencoe Club
BABIARZ, Jarek AB20588 Clearone Calgary
BADENHORST, Deon AB20744 Edison Badminton Centre
BANK, Jittalorn AB20482 Sunridge Badminton Centre
BARCLAY, Aaron AB09679 Sunridge badminton Centre
BARR, Georgia AB20667 Glencoe Club
BARR, Quincy AB04971 Glenoce Club
BASTELL, Lily AB07009 B Active Badminton Club
BASQUE, Makayla AB20294 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
BAUER, Austin AB00830 Glencoe Club
BELL, Jeff AB01248 Badminton Alberta
BELL, Margaret AB3225 Badminton Alberta
BELOOUS, Viatcheslav AB20610  
BERKSHIRE, Andrew AB20727 Badminton Academy
BETCKER, Morgan AB20706 Olds College
BIBEAU, Luc AB20770 Royal Glenora Club
BIBEAU, Sylvie AB20463 Royal Glenora Club
BIGGS, Barb AB06100 Red Willow Badminton Club
BIGGS, Ted AB01326 Red Willow Badminton Club
BORZEL, Joshua AB07350  
BOX, Grace AB00124 Kings University
BRAUN, Matthew AB20399 Clearone Calgary
BREDY, Corben AB07130 Micheal Youth Badminton Club
BUCKLAND, Dawson AB20401 Clearone Calgary
BUDVARSON, Kirk AB20637 Michael Youth Badminton Club
BURLET, Joshua AB09830 Royal Glenora Club
BURNETT, Zachary AB20713 Michael Youth Badminton Club
BURTON, Taylor AB20641 Edison Badminton Centre
BURY, Greg AB06864 Glencoe Club
BUSSE, Andrea AB20765 Michael Youth Badminton Club
BUSTARD, Matthew AB04300 Clearone Calgary
CALLAWAY, Logan AB20441 Winter Club
CAO, Alanna AB20568 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CAO, Amanda AB20035 Concordia University
CAO, Leslie AB20438 Clearone Calgary
CAO, April AB20569 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CAO, Ryan AB20342 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CARLSON, Ava AB20596 Edison Badminton Centre
CARTER, Kent AB02538 Sunridge Badminton Centre
CARTER, Tim AB06936 Sunridge Badminton Centre
CHAN, Andrew AB20573 B Active Badminton Club
CHAN, Emily AB05294 Glencoe Club
CHAN, Nicholas AB20282 Clearone Calgary
CHAN. Rocky AB09759  
CHAN, Rosanna AB02601 NAIT
CHANDAN, Sanjay AB20581 B Active Badminton Club
CHAO, Evan AB07058 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
CHAO, Gabriel AB10103 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
CHAO, Kesey AB07061 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
CHARY, Brianna AB20733 Badminton Academy
CHEAH, Sinead AB01164 NAIT
CHEATER, Chase AB20556 Michael Youth Badminton Club
CHEATER, Reese AB10259 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
CHEN, Alvin AB10226  
CHEN, Ethan AB06938 B Active Badminton Club
CHEN, Felix AB20716 B Active Badminton Club
CHEN, Ivan AB20774 B Active Badminton Club
CHEN, Ryan AB20432 B Active Badminton Club
CHEN, William AB20372 Clearone Calgary
CHEN, Yunzhi AB04527 B Active Badminton Club
CHEN, Xiang XI AB07476 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CHEN, Yibo AB20688 Clearone Calgary
CHENG, Lydia AB00288  
CHENG, Simon AB20421 Glencoe Club
CHENG, Yuyuan AB20565 B Active Badminton Club
CHERNOFF, Denis AB06742 Edison Badminton Centre
CHERNOFF, John AB08226 Edison Badminton Centre
CHESLA, Jake AB09590 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
CHESLA, Laia AB20692 Stettler Jr Bamdinton Club
CHEUNG, Ashley AB04066 Royal Glenora Club
CHEUNG, Stephanie AB03248 Royal Glenora Badminton Club
CHEUNG, Valerie AB02621 Royal Glenora Club
CHIA, Ally AB20014 B Active Badminton Club
CHIN, Connor AB03249 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
CHIN, Dicky AB03565 Kings University
CHING, Gabriel AB20523 B Active Badminton Club
CHING, Nathan AB20522 B Active Badminton Club
CHOI, James AB20766 Michael Youth Badminton Club
CHOI, Jason AB20597 Michael Youth Badminton Club
CHONG, Lionel AB04660 Edison Badminton Centre
COOPER, Talbot AB20666 Michael Youth Badminton Club
CHOU, Jason AB04324  
CHOW, Alan AB03311  
CHOW, Kristian AB10097 Sunrdige Badminton Centre
CHOW, Ryan AB06724 Clearone Calgary
CHOY, Kevin AB04538  
CHRISTENSEN, Riis AB10172 Winter Club
CHRUMKA, Christine AB20753 Glencoe Club
CHUNG, Jimmy AB09436 Lionel Chong Academy
CHUNG, Rodney AB20714 Clearone Calgary
CLARK, Adrian AB08489 Clearone Calgary
CLARK, Ryan AB10240 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CLARK, Tia AB20549 Drive Sports Badminton Club
CLARKSON, Ronald AB20791 Royal Glenora Club
CLUTTON, Samantha AB04665 Olds College
COMEAU, Kaitlyn AB20601 Kings University
CORTES-HERRERA, GianCarlos AB20350 Drive Sports Badminton Club
COUPLAND, Maxwell AB10073 Glencoe Club
COURT, Abigail AB20622 Edison Badminton Centre
COURT, Ronan AB20628 Edison Badminton Centre
CRAMPHORN, Makera AB20442 Clearone Calgary
CREASER, William AB04268 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
CROCKER, Destiny AB03826 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
CRUMP, Chloe AB20583 Edison Badminton Centre
CYR, Natsuko AB20060 Red Willow Badminton Club
DANG, Jerry AB20553 B Acitve Badminton Club
DAVISON, Edward AB20643 Edison Badminton Centre
DAVISON, Robert AB20644 Edison Badminton Centre
DAYA, Alkarim AB01440  
DEHOD, Jenna AB03971 Winter Club
DENG, Angel AB20784 B Active Badminton Club
DENG, Vicky AB20631 Michael Youth Badminton Club
DENG, Victor AB20630 Michael Youth Badminton Club
DING, Eric AB20461 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
DING, Qirui AB09752  
DOLAN, Ella AB20548 B Active Winter Club
DONALDSON, Joseph AB06773  
DONALDSON, Layce AB20707 Olds College
DORIGATTI, Ayden AB20433 Michael Youth Badminton Club
DOUGAN, Jared AB20708 Olds College
DOUGAN, Kaitlyn AB07608 Olds College
DUGUAY, Emmanuel AB20820 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
DUGUAY, Samuel AB20819 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
DUHAN, Joe AB20364 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
DUMANDAN, Caarmen AB20808 Sundridge Badminton Centre
EM, Svetlana AB20674 Winter Club
EMBERLY, Anne AB03228 Red Willow Badminton Club
ENG, Sue AB01202 Winter Club
ENSIGN, Jenna AB20693 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
FAIRBANKS, Terra AB05229 Glencoe Club
FEDORETZ, Hellena AB01027 B Acitve Badminton Club
FEDORTEZ, Lyem AB09753 B Active Badminton Club
FEI, Fei AB20781 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
FEI, Nathan AB20782 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
FENG, Leo AB08299 Glencoe Club
FENG, Winney AB20798 B Active Badminton Clyb
FLECHAS, Eliana AB20690 Glencoe Club
FONG, Susan AB20093 NAIT
FONIN Mikhail AB20586 Badminton Academy
FOX, Odin AB09593 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
FOX, Rigel AB20694 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
FRASER, William AB07604 Winter Club
FRENCH, Landon AB20653 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
FRENETTE, Cameron AB20334 Michael Youth Badminton Club
FROST, Leah AB20645 Edison Badminton Centre
FU, Carol AB00784 Winter Club
FULLER, Keirn AB20695 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
FUNG, Alexander AB04545  
GAGNON, Joshua AB20534 Michael Youth Badminton Club
GALLOP, Glenn AB20047 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
GAO, Grace AB00273 Gao's Badminton Club
GAVRILOV, Artemy AB09649 Winter Club
GELDERMAN, Abbey AB20602 Kings University
GELDERMAN, Ryan AB05304 Kings University
GILLILAND, Billy AB05432 Edison Badminton Centre
GIUFFRE, Martin AB06441 Glenoce Club
GOMEZ, Krista AB20818 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
GOOD, Dan AB00064 Lionel Chong Academy
GOODWIN, Courtney AB04728 Glencoe Club
GOODWIN, Isaac AB04875 Winter Club
GOODWIN, Lauren AB07505 Glencoe Club
GOSS, Lorraine AB05706 Glencoe Club
GRAVES, Louise AB20754 Sunridge Badminton Centre
GRISE, Michyln AB10177 Michael Youth Badminton Club
GRISE Rene AB09411 Michael Youth Badminton Club
GUO, Tom AB10466 Drive Sports Badminton Club
HAGARTY, Alex AB05238 Drive Sports Badminton Club
HAGEL, Garett AB08986 Michael Youth Badminton Club
HAMER, Matt AB03237 Sunrdige Badminton Centre
HAHN, Sherry AB10168 Olds College
HAQUE, Naeem AB00703 Kings University
HASSANZADEH, Parham AB20800  
HE, Anthony AB10143 Sunrdige Badminton Centre
HE, Carsyn AB10130 Gao's Badminton Club
HECKEL, Brian AB20353 Winter Club
HEFFORD, Mark AB20532 Clearone Calgary
HEIKKILA, Lucas AB20297 Drive Sports Badminton Club
HENNING, Evonne AB09650 Edison Badminton Centre
HENNING, Ian AB20567 Edison Badminton Centre
HENNING, Jacques AB09680 Edison Badminton Centre
HERMANTO, Eunice AB07510 Glencoe Club
HERTZ, Georgia AB07771 Edison Badminton Centre
HILL, Jen AB06425 Glencoe Club
HIRTLE, Jaxon AB20336 Winter Club
HO, Edmund AB04678  
HO, Emily AB20552 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
HO, Isabella AB20551 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
HOLCEK, Byron AB02369 Glencoe Club
HOLLMAN, Nolan AB10132 Michael Youth Badminton Club
HONG, Darren AB07105 Glencoe Club
HOODA, Atul AB20797 International Badminton Club
HOU, Jessie AB10080 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
HOU, Jiaming AB10081 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
HSU, Samantha AB04067 B Active Badminton Club
HUANG, GuoXing AB10319  Drive Sports Badminton Club
HUANG, Kaili AB03353 NAIT
HUANG, RuiLin AB20589  
HUEN, Hubert AB04077 Sunridge Badminton Centre
HUM, Matthew AB01582 B Active Badminton Club
HUMBKE, Daniel AB20764 Central AB Badminton Club
HUMBLE, David AB06372 Winter Club
HUNT, Tyler AB10329 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
HUNTER, Vivienne AB07480 Glencoe Club
HYLAND, Emilia AB20285 Edison Badminton Centre
ICHIKAWA, Kai AB10176 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
IDICULAABEY, Andrew AB09437 Michael Youth Badminton Club
IMBERY, Madison AB08445 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
IZUMI, Anna AB20414 B Active Badminton Club
JACOBSSON, Annika AB05222 Kings University
JARMOLUK, Michael AB20370 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
JIANG, Riri AB20347 B Active Badminton Club
JIN, XuYang AB20536 B Active Badminton Club
JOFFE, Brett AB20393 Glencoe Club
JOHANSON, Connor AB05337 Edison Badminton Centre
JOHNSON, Kieran AB03516 Olds College
JOLY, Emmett AB20530 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
KALISVAART, Billy AB06436 Kings University
KAN, Roman AB03816 Winter Club
KANO, Koby AB04558 Clearone Calgary
KASAKURA, Shun AB20543  
KAUR, Jasleen AB04216  
KAUR, Jasmine AB20262  
KAUR, Prabhleen AB09491  
KELLERMAN, Chris AB20308 Glencoe Club
KIDD, Eleena AB20745 Michael Youth Badminton Club
KIEW, Sayuri AB20789 Royal Glenora Club
KIM, Andrew AB20655 Michael Youth Badminton Club
KIM, Byeong Jin  AB05287 Drive Sports Badminton Club
KIM, Seulbi AB01209 B Active Badminton Club
KIM, Sam AB10160 Royal Glenora Club
KING, Erik AB20767 Winter Club
KO, Andy AB06101 NAIT
KO, Jeffrey AB02400 NAIT
KO, Jett AB09412 Clearone Calgary
KO, Jonathan AB09549 Clearone Calgary
KONG, Brian AB20462 Royal Glenora Club
KORNIYUK, Dasha AB20657 Edison Badminton Centre
KOPEC, Bryce AB05270 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
KOUZNETSOV, Alexei AB20757 Glencoe Club
KRAFT, Denaisha AB20425 Michael Youth Badminton Club
KRAFT, Jessica Ann AB20424 Michael Youth Badminton Club
KRAWCZYK, Aleksandra AB04757 Edison Badminton Centre
KEPFORD, Aden AB05271 Edison Badminton Centre
KUMAR, Neal AB20055 Clearone Calgary
KUMAR, Rohan AB20633 Badminton Academy
KUNG, Asleigh AB20555 B Active Badminton Club
KUNG, Parker AB20554 B Active Badminton Club
KUNKULOL, Amit AB20214  
KWAN, Calvin AB04276 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
KWAN, Eyota AB04526 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
KWOK, Stephanie AB20659 NAIT
LACHANCE, Isabelle AB20000 Glencoe Club
LACHANCE, Jackson AB10071 Glencoe Club
LACROIX, Joel AB20642 Edison Badminton Centre
LAI, Ethan AB20776 B Active Badminton Club
LAI, Eric AB06948 B Active Badminton Club
LAJEUNESSE, Talon AB20579 Michael Youth Badminton Club
LAMONT, Kiefer AB20561 Michael Youth badminton Club
LAROCQUE, Bruce AB04835 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
LAU, Fatima AB20520 Clearone Calgary
LAU, Jakob AB10269 Royal Glenora Club
LAU, Julian AB09456 B Acitve Badminton Club
LAVALLE, Lawrence AB20712 Olds College
LAWSON, Christian AB20632 Edison Badminton Centre
LEBLANC, Andre AB01602 Concordia University
LEBLANC, Ben AB09416 Michael Youth Badminton Club
LEBLANC, Danielle AB10470 Michael Youth Badminton Club
LECKY, Anton AB20718 Glencoe Club
LEE, Bob AB05305  
LEE, Jadalynn AB20269 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
LEE, Jonathan AB09459 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
LEE, Kevin AB02312 Glencoe Club
LEE, Kyle AB10328 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
LEE, Rex AB07428 Sunridge Badminton Centre
LEE, Sonny AB02086 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
LEE, Timothy AB05169  
LEE, Trent AB20325  
LEUNG, Jasmine AB02247 Royal Glenora Club
LEUNG, Jessica AB01268  
LI, Chengzhe AB20801 B Active Badminton Club
LI, Cynthia AB20685 Drive Sports Badminton Club
LI, Jayden AB20542 B Active Badminton Club
LI, Jiali AB10092  
LI, John AB04000 Kings University
LI,  Kevin AB205541 B Acitve Badminton Club
LIANG, Jack AB03089 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
LIAW, Austin AB03625 Clearone Calgary
LIBREROS, Ali AB20725 Badminton Academy
LIEW, Ryan AB20594  
LIN, Everett AB20762 B Active Badminton Club
LIN, Jessica AB09471 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
LINDEMAN, Ty AB01345 Royal Glenora Club
LINDSAY, Ian AB09703 Edison Badminton Centre
LINDSAy, Jamie AB07736 Edison Badminton Centre
LINDSAY, Kelly AB00125 Edison Badminton Centre
LINDSAY, Leah AB09704 Edison Badminton Centre
LING, John AB20301  
LIU, Brooks AB20271 Gao's Badminton Club
LIU, Fangtong AB20593 Edison Badminton Centre
LIU, Terence AB20516 B Active Badminton Club
LO, Tenny AB04539 Winter Club
LOKER, Valerie AB20141 Royal Glenora Club
LONG, Ethan AB20457 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
LOUGHEED, Tatum AB20270 Glencoe Club
LOUGHEED, Taylor AB10190 Glencoe Club
LOVE, Joey AB20590 Winter Club
LUDWIG, Maya AB20619 Winter Club
LUI, Brandon AB10238 Clearone Calgary
LYSTER, Brandon AB20711 Olds College
MA, Billy AB20598 Kings University
MA, Kai AB07103 Glencoe Club
MA, Ken AB20638 Badminton Academy
MA, Yaoyu AB10270 Badminton Academy
MABBORANG, Stacy AB20595 Michael Youth Badminton Club
MACALPINE, Kevin AB03548 Concordia University
MACDONALD, Catherine AB07443 Glencoe Club
MACDONALD, James AB20368 Sunridge Badminton Centre
MACKAY, Mitchell AB20629 Edison Badminton Centre
MCKEE, Fiona AB08586 Winter Club
MAK, Janine AB20750 Gao's Badminton Club
MAK, Nathan AB10174 Clearone Calgary
MAK, Philip AB03723 Clearone Calgary
MAH, Bailee AB20376 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
MAH, Edwin AB04675 Red Willow Badminton Club
MAH, Harry AB00030 Winter Club
MALO, Scott AB07872 Glencoe Club
MANEESH, Parthiv AB20513 Clearone Calgary
MARIBOJOC, Brent AB10471 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
MARIBOJOC, Denssyl AB10104 Red Deer Youth badminton Club
MARR, Jordan AB20723 Sunridge Badminton Centre
MARSHALL, Matthew AB10100 Michael Youth Badminton Club
MATSALLA, Kai AB10330 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
MATTICE, Tiegan AB09700  
MCCARTHY, Gerard AB20689 Winter Club
MCCUTCHEON, Brett AB20747 Glencoe Club
MCDERMID, Stuart AB20284 Glencoe Club
MCDERMID, Tessa AB10175 Glencoe Club
MCKEE, Fiona AB08586 Winter Club
MCLEAN, Ty AB05293 Winter Club
MCMASTER, Dave AB00340 Badminton Alberta
MEHRI, Roya AB20477 Sunridge Badminton Centre
METTAM, Matthew AB20324 Edison Badminton Centre
MICKLEBOROUGH, Emma AB10133 Glencoe Club
MODI, Luv AB20512 B Active Badminton Club
MOLNAR, Zane AB20648 Winter Club
MONZON, Lyrik AB20337 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
MOODY, Bryan AB09017 Glencoe Club
MOON, Daniel AB20617 Michael Youth Badminton Club
MORRIS, Kaylee AB05513 Concordia University
MOTEL, Raphael AB20535 B Active Badminton Club
MURPHY, Brynn AB08972 West Edmonton Badminton Club
MURRAY, Lindsay AB05269  
NAKATSUI, Natalie AB10075 B Active Badminton Club
NAR, Sam AB09503 Sunridge Badminton Centre
NARAYANAN, Maaya AB20032 Royal Glenora Club
NEUFELD, Mackenzie AB20635 Edison Badminton Centre
MICHOLS, Cole AB20697 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
NG, Andrew AB00339 B Active Badminton Club
NG, Chanell AB10476 Clearone Calgary
NG, Jack AB01315 Winter Club
NG, Mandy AB20382 Clearone Calgary
NG, Michelle AB20529 Clearone Calgary
NGAN, Sean AB09711 Clearone Calgary
NGUYEN, Khoa AB06751 West Edmonton Club
NGUYEN, Luc-Ly AB08368 Concordia University
NGUYEN, Lynda AB06949 B Active Badminton Club
NGUYEN, Matthew AB20560 Drive Sports Badminton Club
NGUYEN, Steven AB01923 Sunridge Badminton Centre
NOEL, Logan AB20614 Winter Club
NORMAN, Sawyer AB09709 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
O'DONOGHUE, Cole AB05301 Glencoe Club
O'DONOGHUE, Kyleigh AB01844 Glencoe Club
OLIPHANT, Alyssa AB20321 Edison Badminton Centre
OLIPHANT, Kylie AB20639 Edison Badminton Centre
OOSTENBRINK, Nathan AB06999 Kings University
OSBORNE, Nathan AB08266  
OUELLETTE, Teisha AB07774 Concordia University
PAGE, Emily AB10162 Clearone Calgary
PAGE, Nicholas AB20582 Clearone Calgary
PAN Jason AB20752 B Active Badminton Club
PANDYA, Bhadra AB09690 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
PANG, Alex AB00459 Glencoe Club
PATEL, Dhruv AB08847 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
PATEL, Smit AB20533 West Edmonton Badminton Club
PATRICK, Jody AB02774 Winter Club
PEARCE, Nicholas AB10295 Clearone Calgary
PENG, Harry AB20511 B Active Badminton Club
PENG, Qiwen AB20683 Clearone Calgary
PETERSEN, Colin AB04774 Sundridge Badminton Centre
PHAM, Danny AB09509 Sunridge Badminton Centre
PITTMAN, Grant AB00014 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
PITTMAN, Joyce AB00320 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
PITTMAN, Nicolas AB02801 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
PLUMER, Becky AB03195 Canadian Indonesian Badminton Club
POOLE, Heather AB02938 Glencoe Club
POOLE, Ken AB00372 Glencoe Club
POULOS, Dena AB10077 Glencoe Club
POULOS, Hannah AB10076 Glencoe Club
PREST, Ryan AB20624 Edison Badminton Centre
PRIEUR, Geoff AB06467 Glencoe Club
QIAN, Tina AB20255 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
QIU, Jialin AB20257 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
QUAN, Aaron AB05189  
RAHN, Ethan AB10262 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
RAJAKULENDRAN, Dhanekka AB20817 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
RAUSCH, Jason AB04759 NAIT
READ, Christopher AB20658 Badminton Academy
READY, Geoff AB20640 Winter Club
REID, James AB20715 Glencoe Club
REINSON, Connor AB07250 Concordia University
REYNOLDS, Lindsay AB20746 Winter Club
RICHARD, Alexis AB09452 Glencoe Club
RICHARD, Amelie AB20033 Glencoe Club
RICHARDSON, Beth AB00433 Glencoe Club
RICHARDSON, Cole AB20717 Glencoe Club
RIDDELL, Eric AB20391 Winter Club
RIEGE, Scott AB20636 Glencoe Club
ROBERGE, Kadence AB20299 Michael Youth Badminton Club
ROCKWELL, Quinn AB09652 Winter Club
RODRIGUEZ, Mario AB09116 Sunridge Badminton Centre
RONCA KACHMARSKI, Katherine AB02127 Glencoe Club
ROOD, Joe AB10179 Univesity of Lethbridge Badminton Club
ROQUE, Eric AB05692 West Edmonton Badminton Club
ROQUE, Melissa AB10089 West Edmonton Badminton Club
ROQUE, Nicholas AB01890 NAIT
ROTH, Amelia AB20681 Glencoe Club
RUTHERFORD, Josh AB20254 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
RYMES, Johnna AB04768 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
RYMES, Mac AB01266  
SAEED, Nasir AB20059 Badminton Academy
SALMON, Alister AB05429  
SAMUEL, Simeon AB02911  
SANDER, Aidan AB01236 University of Lethbridge badminton Club
SANDER, Leshav AB10185 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
SANDHU, Kanika AB10191 Winter Club
SANDHU, Raunak AB20272 Winter Club
SAUNDERS, Jack AB10192 Glencoe Club
SAWCHUK, Evan AB10099 B Active Badminton Club
SCHEURWATR, Christopher AB07857 Royal Glenora Club
SCHULTZ, Zachary AB20771 Royal Glenora Club
SCEVIUOR, Ashley AB02936 Winter Club
SCEVIOUR, Paula AB06167 Winter Club
SCHILFER, Eva AB20673 Glencoe Club
SCHULER, Jeff AB00737 Sunrdige Badminton Centre
SCHULYZ, Zachary AB20771 Royal Glenora Club
SCOTT, Christine AB07900 Sunridge Badminton Centre
SETO, Kalee AB10090 B Active Badminton Club
SETO, Kobee AB10091 B Active Badminton Club
SHANKAR, Sai AB20821 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
SHENOY, Kris AB20187 Leduc Recreational Badminton Club
SHENOY, Nava AB10321  
SHI, Kevin AB10477 Clearone Calgary
SILERIS, Laimonas Ab03490  
SILERIS, Simona AB09648 Drive Sports Badminton Club
SIMROSE, Joel AB08000 Kings University
SINGH, Jaspal AB08015  
SINGH, Raunak AB20319 B Active Badminton Club
SITU, Garvin AB10186 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
SIU, Calvin AB04519 Concordia University
SMILLE, Rachael AB02513 Concordia University
SMITH, Jonah AB20566 Michael Youth Badminton Club
SMITH, Mary AB02348 Sunridge Badminton Centre
STADNYK, Joshua AB20620 Edison Badminton Centre
STADNYK, Samuel AB20621 Edison Badminton Centre
STEFANIK, Alana AB03216 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
STEFANIK, Ty AB04284 Central AB Badminton Club
STEFANIK, Willow AB10263 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
STEVENSON, Bob AB07786 Red Willow Badminton Club
STEWART, Alexander AB10151 Concordia University
STOG, Adrianna AB04702 Edison Badminton Club
STROHSCHEIN, Chloe AB20701 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
SU, Isaac AB04855 Clearone Calgary
SUEN, Ryan AB03946 Drive Sports Badminton Club
SUEY, Michael AB03316 Winter Club
SWEENEY, Aidan AB07289 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
TAI, Yi AB06505 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
TAILLEFER, Peter AB20259 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
TAN, Bowen AB20809 B Active Badminton Club
TAN, Kim AB09705 International Badminton Club
TANG, Megan AB20779 Clearone Calgary
TANG, Stephen AB20665 Gao's Badminton Club
TENNANT, Erika AB20627 Edison Badminton Centre
THIESSEN, Evan AB20649 Edison Badminton Centre
THIYAGARAJAN, Rajan AB04292 Grande Prairie Badminton Club
THOMPSON, Rosalynn AB04509 Red Willow Badminton Club
THOMSON, Charles AB20540 Clearone Calgary
THORNTON, Liam AB20304 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
TIAN, Julie AB09628 Clearone Calgary
TIESSEN, Christopher AB10241 Winter Club
TONG, Josiah AB20570 Gao's Badminton Club
TONG, Solomon AB20737 Gao's Badminton Club
TONG, Victor AB20517 Sunridge Badminton's  Centre
TOUW, Connor AB20626 Edison Badminton Centre
TRAN, Jessica AB20777 B Active Badminton Club
TRAN, Samantha AB20785 B Active Badminton Club
TREWIN, Kelsey AB05226 Glencoe Club
TREWIN, Morgan AB05225 Glencoe Club
TROPOLINS, Brenna AB20686 Clearone Calgary
TSCHRITTER, Benjamin AB10265 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
TSEN, Tyson AB20435 West Edmonton Badminton Club
TUNG, Byron AB04525 B Active Badminton Club
TURCOTTE, Kassidy AB09660 Concordia University
TYAGI, Varalika AB10269 B Active Badminton Club
UNG, Ivy AB10072  Derrick Golf and Winter Club
VAN DER BANK, Josef AB20703 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
VAN DER HELDEN, Daniel AB08230 Glencoe Club
VANDERSCHEE, Adam AB06846 Kings University
VANDERSCHEE, Ryleigh AB20608 Kings University
VERBEEK, Mette AB20634 Edison Badminton Centre
VIJ, Sejal AB20726 Badminton Academy
VILLETA, Andrew AB20618 Clearone Calgary
VOGEL, Mignione AB10266 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
VO-LOH, Gabrielle AB20281 B Active Badminton Club
VO-LOH, Mayah AB20280 B Active Badminton Club
WADE, Melanie AB10157 Winter Club
WADIA, Imran AB07299 NAIT
WAINES, Carson AB10193 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
WALDBAUER, Lexie AB10331 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
WALSH, Brodie AB20788 Royal Glenora Club
WALSH, Tyler AB09457 NAIT
WALISSER, Alexei AB08975 Kings University
WALTERS, James AB20787 Royal Glenora Club
WANG, Alex AB20451 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Charles AB20409 Lionel Chong Academy
WANG, Desomond AB00750 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Elon AB20452 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Frank AB20735 Badminton Academy
WANG, Jerry AB20772 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Jun Yao AB06072 Goa's Badminton Club
WANG. Leo AB20528 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Takeisha AB01352 B Active Badminton Club
WANG, Wen AB00175 B Active Badminton Club
WARD, Riley AB20298 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
WATSON, Easton AB05339 Drive Sports Badminton Club
WATSON, Katie AB08940 Drive Sports Badminton Club
WEBB, Charles AB20403 Badminton Academy
WEBB, Henry AB20741 Badminton Academy
WEI, Ryan AB20344 Drive Sports Badminton Club
WELSH, Kylie AB20338 Edison Badminton Centre
WHITE, Jeff AB04978 Winter Club
WIELAND, Kaitlin AB04710  
WIENS, Cori AB20609 Kings University
WIGGETT, Alexis AB20635 Edison Badminton Centre
WIJEYERATNE, Shenal AB20778 B Active Badminton Club
WILBEE, Kaitlyn AB20660 NAIT
WILLIAMSON, Jordan AB09510 Michael Youth Badminton Club
WOLSKI, Cecilia AB09429 Concordia University
WON, Ellen AB20664 Edison Badminton Centre
WONG, Aiden AB20763 Clearone Calgary
WONG, Anna Ab20786  
WONG, Anthony AB09714 B Active Badminton Club
WONG, Braxton AB04776 Concordia University
WONG, Cameron AB10243  
WONG, Davis AB20275 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
WONG, Eason AB09702 Clearone Badminton Centre
WONG, Emil AB09734 Royal Glenora Club
WONG, Evan AB10105 Royal Glenora Club
WONG, Garrett AB02781 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
WONG, Jasmine AB20333 Clearone Calgary
WONG, Mataia AB07024 B Active Badminton Club
WONG, Matthew AB03953 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
WONG, Raphael AB09474 Royal Glenora Club
WONG, Samantha AB03789 Concordia University
WONG, Simon AB20524 B Active Badminton Club
WONG, Terence AB07243 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
WONG, Walter AB01324 Winter Club
WORONIUK, Jordana AB20464 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
WORONIUK, Shynelle AB10469 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
WU, Alvin AB20279 B Active Badminton Club
WU, Josephine AB07121 B Active Badminton Club
WU, Michelle AB20366 University of Lethbridge Badminton Club
WYNESS, Connor AB20705 Stettler Jr Badminton Club
XIN, Isabel AB20514 Gao's Badminton Club
XING, Roy AB20591 Drive Sports Badminton Club
XU, Benny AB03885 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
XU, Joanna AB20256 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
YANG, Meggie AB20783 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
YEE, Darren AB02578 Fort McMurray Badminton Club
YEE, Julianna AB05484 Fort McMurray badminton Club
YEUNG, Matthew AB20238 Winter Club
YEUNG, Nicholas AB04523 Royal Glenora Club
YEZ, Brody AB20292 Royal Glenora Club
YIP, Daine AB20734 Badminton Academy
YONG, Andika AB10318 Clearone Calgary
YOO, Michael AB10214 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
YOO, Peter AB20383 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
YU, Alena AB09226 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
YU, Hoffman AB09480 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
YU, Jeffrey AB20453 B Active Badminton Club
YUNG, Leanne AB05317  
YURKEMIK, Eric AB20563 Red Deer Youth Badminton Club
ZHANG, Eric AB03171 Clearone Calgary
ZHANG, Jason AB20740 Clearone Calgary
ZHANG, Katherine AB20398 Gao's Badminton Club
ZHANG, Matthew AB20775 B Active Badminton Club
ZHANG, Muyan AB20656 Drive Sports Badminton Club
ZHANG, Xuechen AB20584 Lionel Chong Academy
ZHAO, Alex AB09428 Clearone Calgary
ZHAO, Cody AB20455 Derrick Golf and Winter Club
ZHAO, Mandy AB20773 B Active Badminton Club
ZWANEPOEL, Ben AB20527 Edison Badminton Centre
ZWANEPOEL, Xander AB09682 Edison Badminton Centre