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Fundamental Movement Skills
Category:16 yrs+
City:Calgary, AB
Entry deadline:2021-09-15


What will I learn?

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Fundamental Movement Skills Workshop, presented by TeamSnap, provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental movement skills and the core-competencies of the NCCP, with the help of numerous hands-on activities. In developing and teaching a child, we break down simple skills into key components to help the child learn and understand. Given the opportunity to learn a wide range of physical skills, children acquire the basic building blocks for the competence, confidence and motivation to try many physical activities and sports.​​​

What are the benefits?

Fundamental movement skills are very important to a child’s physical development. When confident and competent in these skills, children can develop sport-specific and complex movement skills. These skills allow children to enjoy sports and physical activities. Most importantly, with a firm grasp of the fundamental movement skills, a child may enjoy a long life of physical activity.

Who should take this workshop?

The NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills Workshop, presented by TeamSnap, is suited to any person working with participants who wish to improve their fundamental movement skills. These skills need to be learned prior to fundamental sport skills. When participants learn fundamental movement skills, they have a choice to participate in a wide range of other activities.

Times: 1:00-5:00pm 

Venue: Badminton Alberta office, 60 Patterson Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T3H 2E1

Cost: $52.50