Membership renewal is now available

Badminton Alberta membership renewal is now available. Effective 01 September 2016, any player trying to register for a tournament in Alberta or a sanctioned Badminton Canada event that is using Badminton Tournament Planner to accept on-line entries must have a current - valid membership with Badminton Alberta.

Badminton Alberta has created three distinct levels of tournaments: national, provincial and regional/local. Each level will require a different category of membership within Badminton Alberta and Badminton Canada.

The current membership year is from September 1 to August 31, and the following categories and fees are now in effect, ranging from $3 to $67. Effective 01 September, all members are required to register through the Badminton Canada portal integrating Badminton Alberta and Badminton Canada Licenses allowing for access to all provincial and national sanction tournaments, NCCP Coach Education workshops, and financial support programs.

BA Membership Category

Annual Mmb Fee

BCAN License

Annual License Fee

Total Fee

Competitive Adult - 15 yrs+ $42 National $25 $67
Competitive Youth - 14 yrs or under $40 National $25 $65
Recreational Adult - 15 yrs+ $21 Provincial $10 $31
Recreational Youth - 14 yrs or under $20 Provincal $10 $30
Coach/Official $42 Provincial $10 $52
Single Event $21 Regional/Local $0 $21
Club Adult Participant - 15 yrs+ $5 Regional/Local $0 $5
Club Youth Participant - 14 yrs or under $3 Regional/Local $0 $3


It is now as simple as:

  1. Buy a membership
  2. Buy a LIcense
  3. Pay a Fee

What Membership Best Supports Me?

Before starting the registration process take a moment to review the membership definitions and consider what membership best supports your participation or goals throughout the year. Review below and become familiar before proceeding to registration. Club Membership Categories is exclusive to Badminton Alberta only while Individual Membership Categories are integrated with the Badminton Canada national database.

Club Membership Definitions

Badminton Alberta is a member based organization where players, coaches, officials, volunteers, supporters and other stakeholders are encouraged to affiliate with a club. Players receiving specific benefits like provincial or national rankings, scholarships, team selection, financial support for training and competition expenses, will need to be affiliated with a club. Club affiliation for membership will generally be completed by Club President, Owner, Head Pro, or Board Chair.

Club affilition form available here

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