Volunteers required to host 2022 Canadian National Badminton Championships in Sherwood Park

Millennium Place in Sherwood Park will soon be home to the 2022 YONEX Canadian National Badminton Championships. In excess of 450 athletes, coaches and technical officials will converge on the City of Sherwood Park for two separate events. Two adjoining fieldhouses within Millennium Place will be converted into dual five court badminton halls.

We have created a website dedicated to the hosting of the event. You can view the site at

Before we ask you to volunteer with the event, perhaps I can provide some valuable information surrounding the event.

  • This is the first national badminton championship held since 2019,
  • This is the first time that all of the following categories (Senior, u23, u19, u17, u15, u13, u11) have been held in one venue at the same time,
  • This is the first time that u11 and u13 age categories are officially part of the national championships, as there involvement in the past have only been as qualifying event towards Pan Am Junior,
  • The tournament consists of two parts as we were unsure where the Alberta would be at involving COVID-19 restrictions, exemptions, etc,

Event specifics:

  • Part One of The Nationals will take place from July 2-5 and service the Senior, u11, u13 and u15 categories. All finals for Part One will take place July 5,
  • Part Two of The Nationals will take place from July 7-10 and service the u17, u19 and u23 age categories,
  • July 1 and July 6 will be the official practise days, with official matches beginning July 2 and July 7.

Alberta has a treasured history in hosting top level events, be at the various multi-sport clubs, the single purpose clubs or converting public facilities such as Winsport in Calgary or Millennium Place in Sherwood Park. Where ever the events are held, the success can be contributed to thoughtful planning and the hundreds if not thousands of hours of volunteer contributions.

The Local Organizing Committee for this year’s national championships is lead by Bea Ko of Clearone Badminton Centre of Calgary. Bea is an experienced coach and educator within the Calgary Board of Education. Bea brings years of experience in leading, guiding and encouraging students, staff and volunteers to excel in their daily tasks, studies, job and goals. She believes in leading by example. To that end, she has dedicated herself to the sport not only as a coach but also as a lifelong recreational a player. Lastly Bea is a mother of two boys, who will be competing in the upcoming event.

Please consider exploring the various volunteer duties that we will try and fill before the competition begins on July 2nd. We are using an on-line volunteer registration management system called Signup Genius. 

If you have any questions please drop myself or Bea Ko an email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Jeff Bell | Executive Director

Bea Ko | Volunteer Coordinator

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