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19.20 YONEX AJC Gold - Derrick Jr u17/19
Dates: to
Group:Yonex Alberta Junior Circuit
City:Edmonton, AB
Entry deadline:2019-10-06

The YONEX ALBERTA JUNIOR CIRCUIT opens with the first two GOLD level tournaments being held October 11-13 in Edmonton at Derrick Golf & Winter Club.

ENTRY FEES – $80.01 per player regardless of age category. Each player will receive one souvenir hoodie per season, regardless of how many tournaments they enter.

PAYMENT OF ENTRY FEE - Tournament entry and payment is online only, using the Tournament Software (TS) online registration. Entries not completed online will not be accepted. No manual entries will be accepted. Changes to an entry are not permitted after the final entry deadline. For entries in doubles and mixed doubles, both players must be entered within the same entry deadline or they will be partnered with another player if available. 

ENTRY DEADLINE – entries are due no later than 6:00 pm MST at least ten (10) days prior to the start date of the tournament. Timed draws will be post on by 2:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to the tournament. Late entries may be accepted at an additional cost of $25 per player.

MEMBER ELIGIBILITY - All participants must be individually affiliated at the Provincial Member category or higher with Badminton Alberta (valid from 01 September to 31 August 31 of each year) for the 2019-2020 season or be a member in good standing with another provincial/territorial badminton association. Badminton Alberta membership must be obtained prior to attempting to register for the tournament. When registering, players will be automatically prompted if their membership needs to be renewed or invalid and requires upgrading.

CONDITIONS – The Derrick Club Junior tournament is open to athletes born in 2003 or later (u17) or born n 2001 or later (u19). Alberta athletes must be at least PROVINCIAL members in good standing with Badminton Alberta. BA membership is required at $30 for athletes 14 years and under and $35 for all athletes 15 years & older.

NEW FORMAT – GOLD Level events will feature main round single elimination style draws in all events. Consolation draws for all those losing their first-round match. Players winning their first match by walkover and losing their second-round match will not be eligible for consolations. Players receiving a bye in their first round and lose their second round will be eligible for consolations.

EVENTS-Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Players may enter one singles, one doubles, and one mixed doubles.

AWARDS – Each host organization will be responsible to present awards to all main draw event winners, runner up and consolation winners.

CLOTHING-"Coloured clothing" rule in effect at all venues, unless otherwise specified. Badminton Alberta encourages the use of protective eyewear.

SCHEDULE – Tournament will begin Friday’s at 1:00pm with u17 and u19 singles at Derrick Club. Depending on the size of the entry, at least one round of mixed doubles may occur Friday evening. Doubles events to begin Saturday at 9:00am, with every effort to finish play by 6:00pm Saturday evening. Start times are subject to change depending on the size of entry. Schedule is subject to change, based on size of entry and availability of courts. All finals will be held Sunday morning beginning at 9:00am.

SHUTTLES – YONEX feather shuttles supplied for all matches.  Quantity of shuttles may be limited if abnormal use is experienced.

SERIES RANKINGS –YONEX Alberta Junior Circuit ranking point standings will include GOLD and SILVER level junior tournaments held within Alberta. GOLD level events will use 3* column of Alberta Ranking Points table, while SILVER level events will use 2* column of Alberta Ranking Points table.
The YONEX Alberta Junior Circuit rankings will be calculated and published on Thursday of the following week. These rankings will be maintained separately for singles, doubles and mixed doubles. The final YONEX Alberta Junior Circuit rankings will be based on an athlete’s best five results including the results of the YONEX Alberta Junior Elite (national circuit) and from the YONEX Alberta Junior Provincial Championships.

DRAW MASTER– Jeff Bell (403) 297-2722. Draw times available at 2:00 PM the Wednesday prior to the tournament

REFEREE – to be assigned by the host club and approved by Badminton Alberta.

TOURNAMENT RULES – Three-minute on-court warm-up. Ten-minute default rule will be in effect. BWF rally point scoring format will be utilized. Active coaching will not be permitted. Coaching will only be allowed during the two-minute break between the second and third games. The sixty-second break will be respected between all first and second games, without coaching support. For further explanation please visit

YOUNG OFFICALS PROGRAM - Badminton Alberta will be continuing with the implementation of phase one of the Young Officials Program, which requires the winner of a match to stay on-court to score keep the upcoming match on the same court. Scheduling of the tournament will be adjusted to provide additional rest time between matches to accommodate the additional commitment of the players. In the case of doubles, the decision to whom will stay behind to score keep will be decided by Rock-Paper-Scissors between the winning pair. Any player unwilling to cooperate with Tournament Management will be removed from the tournament. 

COACHING ELIGIBILITY – Effective January 01, 2016, Badminton Alberta will require that all coaches entering the field of play be minimal Comp Intro Regional certified.

PHOTOS - Badminton Alberta, its representative and successors reserve all rights to reproduce, for the purpose of illustration, fund raising, advertising or publication in any manner, any photographs taken by Badminton Alberta or affiliated members, clubs, contractors or staff during this event.

WAIVER OF RIGHTS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF POLICIESYou understand and agree to the following:You are participating at your own choice and, intending to be legally bound, you hereby acknowledge and agree to assume all risk of injury and loss of any kind whatsoever in participating in this event;You agree that you shall be solely responsible for all claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions, causes of action, whether in law or in equity, resulting from any loss, personal injury, or property damage, or for the loss or theft of any property, however caused, as a result of, relating to or arising from your participation in this event;You hereby indemnify and save harmless Badminton Alberta and its members, agents, and/or representatives and its successors and assigns from and against all liability whatsoever resulting from any loss, personal injury, property damage, loss or theft referred to in the preceding paragraph.  You hereby waive, release and forever discharge Badminton Alberta and its members, agents, and/or representatives and its successors and assigns, to the fullest extent permitted by law, from any and all claims, actions, causes of action, liabilities, obligations, damages, omissions or costs as a result of, relating to or arising from your participation in this event;You acknowledge that you have fully read and understand the Policies put forth by Badminton Alberta on the Badminton Alberta website and agree to abide by any rules and regulations outlined therein from the time of online entry until the completion of the event; andYou agree that this release and waiver of liability shall be binding upon you and your heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.You and your parent/guardian (if the athlete in under 18 years of age) confirm that you have reviewed the approved Concussion Awareness Resources within the last 12 months.  These resources are available at www.

HOST HOTEL – A special rate at The Sutton Hotel Edmonton for use by Badminton Alberta members on selected weekends.The Sutton Hotel Edmonton is conveniently located downtown on the corner of 109 Ave and 101 Street, less than a ten-minute drive from the Royal Glenora Club. Quote ‘Badminton Alberta’ to receive $109-139 + tax. Quote ‘Badminton Alberta’ to receive member rate.

WITHDRAWALS AND REFUNDS. Withdrawal before the registration deadline will receive a full refund2. Withdrawal after the deadline and before the draws are made will receive a refund less a $15 + GST service charge3. Withdrawal after the draws have been published – not eligible for a refund. 4. All refunds will be performed after the event has finishedFORGOT YOUR LOGIN NAME OR PASSWORD - If you ever forget your login name or password, email Refrain from creating another account. Players requiring Badminton Alberta staff to complete online registration or membership will be required to pay $15 + GST service fee. Contact Badminton Alberta if you have any questions regarding membership at 403.297-2722 or

ENTRY PROCEDURE – Enter on-line at 

Additional information can be obtained by contacting:

BADMINTON ALBERTA, 60 Patterson Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T3H 2E1

Tel. (403) 297-2722 / Fax (403) 297-2706