Board welcomes new zone reps

The Board of Directors are pleased to welcome two new zone reps. Johnna Rymes of Devon and Kevin MacAlpine of Edmonton were appointed at the Board of Directors meeting held February 10, 2021.

Johnna Rymes of Devon will represent Zone 5 (Black/Gold). Johnna is in her first year of study in Bachelor of Science at at Concordia University of Edmonton. Johnna has represented Canada at the Pan Am Junior Championships.


Kevin MacAlpine of Edmonton replaces Edwin Chang as Zone 6 (Edmonton) rep. Kevin is the former coach of Concordia University of Alberta, where he served as head coach for 11 years. Kevin is a teacher of mathmatics at M.E. LaZerte High School.

Kevin has served as ASSA Badminton Commissioner and ACAC Badminton Convenor, and has coached numerous Zone 5 teams at Alberta Winter Games.


Edwin's involvement with Badminton Alberta was expanded, as he takes over as Treausrer, due to the vaccancy left with the retirement of Robert DeJong.

Badminton Alberta would like to thank Robert for the past six year's of service as Treasuser. 

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