Calgary Youth Programs - FALL 2022

The Badminton Academy (Calgary) Youth Programs - FALL 2022

In the Fall of 2022, Badminton Alberta offers a number of program choices in the Calgary area for youth aged 6-17 years of age interested in pursuing badminton. Group lessons are available Monday through Friday evenings at numerous school gyms throughout the City of Calgary and on Saturday morning at Mount Royal University.

Families in need of financial assistance may apply to the following agencies to ease the cost of their child's involvement in sport.

Calgary Youth Program formerly the City of Calgary Recreation SCORE programs)

Badminton Alberta provides weeknight instructional programs throughout the City of Calgary (formerly offered through The City of Calgary Recreation department). Program information can be accessed by following these links:



Thank you for your patience. Badminton Alberta is introducing a new registration system. Please take a minute to create a new family account. After you have created your new account, simply log-in to complete the registration including payment. Following your registration, you have the ability to log-in to confirm your registration, check dates, add a new class, etc.

If you experience a problem during registration, please contact  



Yonex Child lessons (aged 7-11 years of age)

Yonex Youth lessons (aged 12-17 years of age)

Registration is now available through our new registration platform effective July 20. 

Payment: Each registrant will be required to submit payment via debit, credit card or PayPal at the time of registration.

The Badminton Academy - Elite Training

The Badminton Academy provides identified junior aged athletes the opportunity to train twice per week from September through December of 2022.

Through the use of a talent identification process, Calgary Youth program coaches make recommendation and present the opportunity for athletes to recieve additional weekly training.

All athletes interested in trying out must register and be assessed prior to acceptance.  At the conclusion of the assessment, players will be divided into one of two training groups based on their ability. Groups will have athletes assigned that are similar in age and development to ensure that training sessions will focus on topics that are challenging to all athletes and relevant to their level of skill acquisition.

Selected athletes must make the commitment to attend all training sessions and participate in selected junior tournaments as advised by the coaching staff. Athletes will compete in junior tournaments under the Badminton Academy club listing.

Athletes interested in this program for the FALL session must be identified through any of the following programs: MRU youth Programs, U of C youth programs or through the City of Calgary youth programs and make application to Badminton Alberta at

Opportunities will be limited due to space constraints.