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18.19 YONEX Alberta Series FINALS
Dates: to
Group:Provincial Championships
Category:By Invitation only
City:Edmonton, AB
Entry deadline:2019-04-12

Venue: Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton

Proposed dates: April 27-28, 2019


Qualification Criteria
The 2018-19 Yonex Alberta Series consists of five tournaments and is open to any athlete who is a member of their provincial or national association. The YAS begins with the first event on October 26-28 at the Edison Badminton Centre and concludes with the fifth event (Alberta Closed Provincials) on March 29-31 at the Glencoe Club.

Only athletes that represent Alberta and train in Alberta full time will be eligible to compete in the Yonex Alberta Finals.

Fill Procedure
Priority #1 - The winners of each discipline from all the above tournaments will be invited to compete in the “Super 6 Finals”. This will provide a maximum of 6 entries per discipline.

Prioroity #2 - To fill all but one position those players with the best results in three of five tournaments in each discipline will be invited to participate.

Priority #3 - If the six position remains vacant after using Priority #1 and #2, then the sixth and final position will be filled by the Alberta u19 Provincial champion in each event. If the u19 provincial champion was selected using Priority #1 or #2, then the final position will be used using Priority #2.

In doubles or mixed doubles if a player has won multiple events with different partners, the partnership that has played the most together will be selected.

There will be 6 players/teams in each discipline. Teams will be seeded based on final selection position and placed in two boxes for round robin play.

Box A will have seeds 1, 4, 6; while Box B will have seeds 2, 3, 5. Box A winner will play Box B runner up in one semifinal, Box B winner will play Box A runner up in the other semifinal.

Winners will play off for first place, while the losing semi-finalists will compete for third place. Round robin play will be contested Saturday April 27, Semi finals will begin Sunday April 28 at 9 am, the finals will begin Sunday April 28 at 12:00 noon. 

Bonus Prize Money Breakdown
1st $1000
2nd $600
3rd $300
4th $100

List of Qualifying athletes and pairs:


list of athletes / pairs

Men's Singles Women's Singles Men's Doubles Women's Doubles Mixed Doubles
1. Imran Wadia Kyleigh O'Donoghue Andy Ko & Kevin Lee Takeisha Wang & Josephine Wu Kevin Lee & Emily Chan
2. Kevin Lee Josephine Wu Miklos Kanyasi & Imran Wadia Stephanie Cheung & Eyota Kwan Ty Lindeman & Josephine Wu
3. Andy Ko Yi Tai Raphael Motel & Desmond Wang Emily Chan & Samantha Hsu Jonathan Akin-Mulrooney & Kyleigh O'Donoghue
4. Jonathan Akin-Mulrooney Johnna Rymes Austin Bauer & Ty Lindeman Johnna Rymes & Jasleen Kaur Desmond Wang & Eyota Kwan
5. Miklos Kanyasi Emily Chan Paul Ouano & Archangelo Ouano Reshma Bhambhani & Sinead Cheah Hao Li & Reshma Bhambhani
6. Hao Li Reshma Bhambhani Yunzhi Chen & Connor Chin Valerie Cheung & Ally Chia Raphael Motel & Varalika Tyagi